Sliding Patio Doors


8800 Series- Impact/Hurricane Windows (our products/windows hyperlink) Impact/Hurricane sliding glass doors (our products/sliding glass door HL)

  • Precision-mitered, fusion welded corners for enhanced structural integrity
  • Externally glazed operating sash for better air and water performance
  • overall Insulating Glass  Unit with Impact resistant laminated glass
  • Exterior beveled frame for architectural style
  • High Sill Dam 2-7/16”  for water resistance
  • Heavy duty constant force balances for durability and easy, smooth operation
  • Weatherstripping with dual seal sash to frame, creating a positive seal keeping out harsh elements
  • Vinyl extrusions are impact and corrosion resistant
  • Multi-chambered frame and sash assembly improves thermal performance and helps enhance sound absorbency
  • Composite cam locks are made of marine grade material that is non-corrosive for coastal applications.
  • Non-metal Locks are warm to the touch and less conductive resisting condensation
  • Continuous integral lift-handle on lift rails or pull stiles for finger-tip ease of operation
The smallest sliding glass door is roughly equal to the largest window you may have in your home. Simple physics is the larger the surface area, the weaker that surface area is; for example a non-impact bathroom window of 24-inches by 36-inches is less likely to break during a storm than a non-impact 72-inch by 72-inch fixed picture window. Therefore a sliding glass door presents the largest opening in your home and is the weakest opening against storms and theft. You can replace existing French doors or an existing sliding glass door with a super strong, hurricane rated, Zeus impact sliding glass door. You may have noticed fading of furniture and flooring around your existing French or sliding glass door.


So What Are You Waiting For?

The Zeus sliding glass door greatly reduces this with the energy efficient metal coatings (Low “E”). Sound is greatly reduced by the argon gas between the double panes AND the laminate glass dampens sounds better than any product on the market! You can save multiple thousands of dollars ordering a Zeus hurricane sliding glass door online rather than going through the headache of having a sales representative come to an evening or weekend appointment at your home lasting 2-3 hours where both husband AND wife must attend (this is so the salesperson can press for a quick sale and takes away one spouse having to check with non-attending spouse to “think it over”). Measuring is easy and Zeus offers set standard widths in 2 heights (6’7″ and 8′ only). Zeus will ship to your front door and even outlines how to hire a local installer for your sliding glass door.


Zeus Impact Sliding Glass Door Performance


Max Test SizeStructural Air Infilration ResistanceWater Test PressureDesign Pressure (DP)Overall perform
94.5" x 94.5"(Testing Std ASTM E 283).07 cfm / ftASTM E 547 7.50 psfASTM E 330 +50/-50 psfLC-PG50
138.9" x 94.5".07 cfm / ft27.50psf+50 / -50 psfLC-PG50




During a storm, if a building is breached through a broken window, wind may enter the structure and cause an increase in air pressure. This vaccuum effect could lift the roof and collapse the walls. Laminated glass helps to preserve the building envelope, keeping the wind and other elements outside.


I live in Austin and thieves broke through french doors at my home. I thought they were secure! I bought a Zeus hurricane sliding glass door to keep robbers out. The Zeus online system is great, I even ordered 6 hurricane windows for the front of my house facing a freeway and train track to reduce noise. Ordering was a breeze, got an installer no problem. Zeus beat local Austin window/door companies by over 55%. No traffic/train noise and even in direct sun the Zeus inside panes stay cool! Really happy here

James DerekAustin, TX