Hiring a contractor/window installer
for your Zeus Window Project

This is pretty simple; there are a ton of good window and door installers out there… and some BAD ones! This takes some effort on your part BUT is a BIG reason why Zeus offers contractor pricing to everyone. Zeus sells the window and locks in your pricing while you get an installer that will give you “order ready” measurements (so Zeus can place exact measurements with manufacturing) and install your job. Team effort that saves you a ton of money. Here are some tips on hiring your installer.

1. Go to the internet and go to sites like Home Advisor, Porch, Installation Masters, Angie’s List, etc. Here are a few links to get you started:

a. http://www.homeadvisor.com/category.Windows-Doors.10220.html. Look for installs like egress window or storm window (hurricane windows and storm windows are different!)

b. http://installationmasters.com/certified-installers/certified-replacement-program-installers/. This is my favorite site to get an installer- these are only window and door certified installers. Enter zip code and it is recommended to keep the radius to 5-10 miles with 25 miles the max.

c. www.porch.com

d. Google “hurricane window installer”, “impact window installer”. Substitute “contractor” for “installer” to increase universe of possibilities.

NOTE: Look for company names that contain words like “contractors” or “installers” when choosing an installer. All of the installers ARE certified in option (B) above but some work exclusively for traditional window retailers. Some do side jobs and are very skilled.

2. Was your home built before 1978 you must download and review: https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/documents/renovaterightbookletbwsept2011.pdf

If your home was build before 1978 you need to ask the installer if they can do a lead paint test and are certified to handle “safe installs” for homes with lead paint present.


* Mention you have already bought windows and need a final, order ready measurement and “installation/haul off only”. If they start trying to sell you windows, hang up and go to the next installer prospect.

* Ask what is their total install price per window or door (let them know what you bought from Zeus- sliding glass doors, impact windows and non impact windows range widely in installation pricing- be specific). Include caulk, screws, demo/haul off old windows, install, and clean up. Let them know if you have any had to reach windows and very large windows. Tell them the windows will be drop shipped to your home- installer LOVE that convenience- vs. the installer having to drive to pick up, load/secure the order, then unload again!

* Ask about anything else important to you like insurance, references, how available they are (good installers can be booked weeks in the future), etc.

Final notes:

You will be hiring an installer over the phone as they charge trip fees to come out and give you ”order ready measurements”. Like a plumber they might charge $100 just to come out. If you have to pay a trip charge for “order ready” measurement, that is normal BUT ask for it (in writing) to be credited to the total job cost when you hire them.

Hiring a window/door installer is not like bidding out a home improvement project, where you meet with 3 installers and pick one (unless you are OK paying multiple trip charges).

Print off a Zeus Measuring Diagram for your installer to fill out. Make sure that his email, cell and contact info is at the top. This is for Zeus to call if there is a question/clarification when placing final order. Also delivery can be coordinated with installer (delivery always confirmed with customer!) with this contact info.

That’s it! Just schedule the installation once your Zeus order is delivered to your home!

Email us before and after pictures as well as any installer feedback as we love to refer good installers!