FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions

How do I measure my windows?

Easy. Follow step 1 or 2 videos here: How to measure windows!

What if I get window measurements wrong?

For the DIY measuring windows is simple. Step 2 video is measuring from the inside and adding 1.5 inches. This is called a pricing measurement. As long as you don’t under measure by 2 inches or more on width or height Zeus does NOT change your price when you order!

How do I get order ready measurements ready to go to manufacturing?

If you have a one story home and are comfortable measuring to the nearest 1/8 inch, measure from the outside.  Zeus recommends engaging a window installer to measure the openings to go to manufacturing.

How do I get a window installer for my job?

Zeus Windows Provides an online resource Directory of Installers in your area to contact. It’s that easy!

Does Zeus install the windows?

No we do not. We service from Texas to Florida and only sell the windows and impact sliding glass doors.

How much does installation cost per window?

This varies on project size; installers will discount some for larger jobs. Non impact windows run about $100 per opening, hurricane impact windows run about $120. Impact sliding glass doors are super heavy and can run $500 per opening.

What do you mean by “style” of window?

Style refers to the operation of the window. Operators move up and down, sliders move to the side, picture windows are fixed. We have casements, awnings, end vent (aka 3 lite sliders), and specialty windows (1/2 circles, circles, eyebrows, etc).

What are “grids”?

Those are the decorative strips in between the 2 panes of glass.  AKA “divided lites”.

Do grids make the window stronger?

Nope. Just for decoration and style choice.

Do I have to have “grids”?
If you are in a strict HOA (Homeowner Association) you need to contact the architect committee and ask if have to have grids.  Some HOA’s require them and some don’t. Some just require grids for the sides of your home that are visible from the street (front and sides but not the back).

What if Zeus messes up my order with the wrong size or wrong grid pattern?

Won’t happen. After you place the order, sign the sale agreement and remit the down payment, we email you a full schematic which shows each window, style, frame color, exact measurements, DP rating per window, and all bells and whistles. If you ordered grids the grids pattern is on the schematic as well. A picture is worth a thousand words….

If you receive a window that was manufactured wrong (we go off the schematic you approved) we will send you a replacement at no cost.

I am a general contractor. Why should I mess around with Zeus?

First off, you can go to a home improvement store and try to chase down an orange or blue apron and spend countless hours trying to get a price. Most of these stores do NOT even sell impact products. Also, Zeus will deliver your order to the job site for you!

I am a DIY- why should I spend an hour reviewing windstorm requirements on your website, measuring windows and hiring an installer?

Savings! I used to work for a traditional window company selling impact windows in 2011- it was full service.  Salesman (me) came and spent 2-3 hours at your home and gave you a price, installers came out and took order ready measurements then 6 weeks later installed the windows. The customer just had to sign and sit back… BTW a 36×60 operator window cost $1800+!

That same 36×60 Zeus impact window costs around $550 and then you pay an installer around $120 so you save over $1000 PER WINDOW. Is that savings worth 1 hour measuring windows and hiring your own installer?

I am DIY building my own home and acting as the general contractor to save money. What is the difference between “builder grade” and “replacement quality” windows?

Builder grade materials are common in new construction — they are engineered to meet minimum standard quality.  “Replacement quality” have significant upgrades to components like better locks, superior seals, quality screens, etc. Replacement products are called “replacement” because they replace the cheaper “builder quality” products that typically fail a few years after installation!

Are hurricane windows energy efficient?

Yes they are. As a huge benefit, the laminate glass dampens outside sound to make your home quieter.

Is it true that hurricane windows also deters break-ins from burglars?

Hurricane impact windows have laminate glass (like a car windshield) and are engineered to protect your home from flying debris like lumber. How to burglars get into your home? They usually break a window. Google something like “sledgehammer on hurricane window” and watch some videos.

How do I pay for my windows and what are the terms?

We have an easy to use online system that accepts credit cards or you can make a check payable to: Zeus Windows and mail to: 14803 Oak Bluff Ct, Houston, TX 77070. We require 50% down at time of order and the balance when the windows are delivered to your home.

What if my windows don’t pass windstorm inspections?

You have to review the windstorm section of the Zeus website (once you find your county or parish it goes very quick) or if you are building a new home we can send you the specifications on our impact products for your engineer to approve. You must leave all the stickers on the windows until the windstorm inspector visits your home.

What about warranty?

You activate the warranty direct (within 30 days of installation!) on the manufacturer website. Our impact/Hurricane AND energy efficient products are lifetime warranty.

What about sales taxes and delivery?

Sales tax is included. Delivery is included on all orders over 10 windows or 1 impact sliding glass door PROVIDED you are within 50 miles of an ABC Supply location. A minimum order of 5 windows is necessary for delivery otherwise your installer must pick up your order at ABC Supply.


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